Our Terms Of Service has been designed to ensure that:

1.) We protect our rights,

2.) To eliminate confusion,

3.) To inform you of our rules and regulations of our web services,

4.) To allow for a growing company to feel secure and assure a friendly host environment.

All accounts are subject to the following

The following rules are made and all clients are expected to follow the TOS from Dehost, the providers of our hosting service.

The Following Scripts Are Forbidden: -IRC Scripts -Bit Torrent Script’s -commercial Advertising

Email: Spamming, or the sending of unsolicited email, from a Site or using an email address or domain that is maintained on a Dehost account as a reference is STRICTLY prohibited. Accounts in violation of our spamming policy WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT NOTICE. Dehost will be the sole arbiter as to what constitutes a violation of this provision. All mailing lists should be double opt-in. This means when users on a clients site give their client their e-mail address the user should also have to verify it through e-mail afterwards before anymore mail is sent. This prevents us being listed in spam databases.

IRC: We currently do not allow IRC or IRC bots to be operated on our servers. These include Egg drop bots and TCL scripts.

Use: Any images/tempt to undermine or cause harm to a server, or customer, of Dehost is strictly prohibited. These images/tempts can include DOS attacks or hacking.

Refusal of Service

We reserve the right to refuse, cancel, or suspend service at our sole discretion. We don’t often do this, only in the event of an out of control script or Dehost not being able to contact the site owner. Dehost’s services may not be used for illegal purposes, or in support of illegal activities. This included and is not limited to hosting of hacking programs, documentation, and or the linking to such illegal files.

Dehost and our affiliates reserve the right to cooperate with legal authorities and/or injured third parties in the investigation of any suspected crime or civil wrongdoing.

Harm to Minors

Use of Dehosts service to harm, or images/tempt to harm, minors in any way, including, but not limited to child pornography or child abuse is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate account termination. We accept adult web sites as long as you use your own material.


Use of the Dehost’s service to transmit any material (by e-mail, uploading, posting or otherwise) that threatens or encourages bodily harm or destruction of property is strictly prohibited.


Use of the Dehost’s service to transmit any material (by e-mail, uploading, posting or otherwise) that harasses another is strictly prohibited.

Fraudulent Activity

Use of Dehosts service to make fraudulent offers to sell or buy products, items, or services, or to advance any type of financial scam such as "pyramid schemes", "ponzi schemes", and "chain letters."

Forgery or Impersonation

Adding, removing or modifying identifying network header information in an effort to deceive or mislead is prohibited. images/tempting to impersonate any person by using forged headers or other identifying information is prohibited.

Unauthorized Access

Use of Dehosts service to access, or to images/tempt to access, the accounts of others, or to penetrate, or images/tempt to penetrate, security measures of Dehost or another entity’s computer software or hardware, electronic communications system, or telecommunications system, whether or not the intrusion results in the corruption or loss of data, is expressly prohibited and the offending Dehost account is subject to immediate termination.

Copyright or Trademark Infringement

Use of Dehost’s service to transmit any material (by e-mail, uploading, posting or otherwise) that infringes any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret or other proprietary rights of any third party, including, but not limited to, the unauthorized copying of copyrighted material, the digitization and distribution of photographs from magazines, books, or other copyrighted sources, and the unauthorized transmittal of copyrighted software.

Collection of personal data

Use of Dehost’s service to collect, or images/tempt to collect, personal information about third parties without their knowledge or consent.

Network Disruptions

Network disruptions and unfriendly activity:

Use of the Dehost’s service for any activity which affects the ability of other people or systems to use Dehost’s Services or the Internet. This includes "denial of service" (DOS) attacks against Dehost or an individual user. Interference with or disruption of other network users, services or equipment is prohibited. It is the Member’s responsibility to ensure that their network is configured in a secure manner. A Subscriber may not, through action or inaction, allow others to use their account for illegal or inappropriate actions. A Subscriber may not permit their account, through action or inaction, to be configured in such a way that gives a third party the capability to use their account in an illegal or inappropriate manner. Unauthorized entry and/or use of another company and/or individual’s computer system will result in immediate account termination. Dehost will not tolerate any subscriber images/tempting to access the accounts of others, or penetrate security measures of our server, whether or not the intrusion results in corruption or loss of data.


Involves a knowing misrepresentation or misleading statement, writing or activity made with the intent that the person receiving it will act upon it.

Infringement of Copyright

Infringement of Copyright, Patent, Trademark, Trade Secret, or Intellectual Property Right:

Distribution and/or posting of copyrighted or the aforementioned infringements will not be tolerated.

Distribution of Viruses

Intentional distributions of software that images/tempts to and/or causes damage, harassment, or annoyance to persons, data, and/or computer systems are prohibited. Such an offense will result in the immediate termination of the offending account.

Limitation of Liability

Dehost shall not be responsible for any claimed damages, including incidental and consequential damages, which may arise from Dehosts servers going off-line or being unavailable for any reason whatsoever. Furthermore, Dehost shall not be responsible for any claimed damages, including incidental or consequential damages, resulting from the corruption or deletion of any web site from one of Dehost servers. All damages shall be limited to the immediate termination of service.

All complaints will be investigated promptly. Failure to follow any term or condition will be grounds for immediate account deactivation


Dehost cannot be held liable for any predicted estimate of profits in which a client would have gained if their site was functioning. Certain services provided by Dehost are resold. Thus, certain equipment, routing, software, and programming used by Dehost may not be directly owned or written by Dehost. Moreover, Dehost holds no responsibility for the use of our clients accounts. If any terms or conditions are failed to be followed, the account in question will be automatically deactivated. We reserve the right to remove any account without advanced notice for any reason without restitution as Dehost sees fit.

Account Activation

By activating your account with Dehost, you agree to the above policies and disclaimer. Upon requesting an account activation, you are required to accept these policies, guidelines, and disclaimer Accounts found to be given to minors under the age of 13 will be canceled parents consent required once approved by us we do this by a photo copy of your license.

Extra Information

Furthermore, Dehost retains the right to change any or all of the above Policies, Guidelines, and Disclaimer without notification.

The agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties here. The terms and conditions of this agreement shall be interpreted and enforced pursuant to the laws of the Netherlands. Special Rules Dehost reserves the right to check your account at any time for things that break the TOS. We probably won’t be doing this unless we have a reasonable idea that you are breaking the TOS, but sometimes we will just do checks on random clients, so don't be alarmed if we check you. If you're innocent and aren’t breaking the rules, then you’ve got nothing to worry about!

We do provide a 14 Days refund Policy for Webhosting and shoutcasting

The following rules are made and all clients are expected to follow the TOS from Dehost the providers of our Web hosting.

1.) Your Not Allowed to place Illegal Porn, Illegal Programs, Warez, IRC Bots, IRC Scripts, Unauthorized Access, No! Sharing Web Space

2.) Adult Porn Is Allowed, we reserve the right to deny any images or text displayed on our web services respect others as they Respect you our accounts are not used for slandering, they are used for business and educational use all adult hosting must comply with The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (15 U.S. C. 45), effective April 21, 2000,all websites hosting porn must have a clean public splash page reminding all users that your site requires the age of 18 to view that website, websites found in a non compliance to our TOS may be suspended for your acts that could cost us our web server and customers and possible a law suit.

3.) Backup’s: Yes we do have Backup’s, but we do not provide free backups. You have to make your own backup’s, we make a backup every sunday evening. You have to pay administration costs to get them from us (our backup).

4.) We are not responsible for the loss of income to websites caused by the act of god , hackers, exploits. power outages, hardware failure, virus’s ,down time (etc.).

5.) Dehost does not collect cookie or user information for the intent to exploit children or sell for profit and complies with the COPPA business act required by FTC.

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